Fall 2018 survey of members of the OCA and Odoo partners about their role with odoo

1. Are you member of the OCA?

2. If yes: Since when have you been a member of the OCA?

3. Are you Odoo partner?

4. If yes: How long have you been an Odoo partner?

5. What is your partner state?

6. Which is the main country your company is located? *

7. How often do you implement community versions to your customers compared to enterprise versions?

8. How would you classify your relationship with Odoo? *

9. How happy are you with the partner program of Odoo? *

10. How often do you have disputes with Odoo S.A.? *

11. What's the nature of those disputes? (multiple selection possible)

12. Can you give some examples for disputes?

13. What do you think how serious are these disputes?

14. Are there obstacles for your company, caused by Odoo? (Please skip this question if you think there are no obstacles for you.)

15. How serious do you think are these obstacles?

16. Do you provide your self-developed Odoo modules in the Odoo app store?

17. What do you think how successful is the distribution of your modules in the Odoo app store?

18. How much interested are you in the buyer of your modules in the app store?

19. Which benefits for your company do you think result from the partnership with Odoo?

20. Do you see further benefits?

21. How many leads do you get from Odoo per year?

22. Which quality are those leads?

23. Do you want to get more leads from Odoo?

24. Do you want to get leads with higher quality from Odoo?

25. Are there any other difficulties for you caused by Odoo?

26. Do you think Odoo takes the right path regarding the development of its products?

27. Please support your answer with reasons if you selected No or Partially in question 26.

28. Do you think Odoo takes the right path regarding the development of its price policy?

29. Could you imagine to resell Odoo, even without a partnership with Odoo?

30. Are you already in touch with other Odoo partners?

31. Are you interested in a stronger cooperation with other Odoo partners?

32. We want to set up an event for business topics within the frame of OCA. Do you want to take part at this event?

33. Are you interested in being part of a community of Odoo partners which turns on the preservation of the open source thought of Odoo?

34. Do you have any other thoughts, issues or wishes you couldn't mention in the questions before?