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Punishment: Odoo S.A. Quotation (Ref SO2018..)

am 29.05.18, 20:37 683 Ansichten

Mail to odoo Partner Management, while renewing our partner status.


Hello <peter-partner-manager>,

thanks for the kick in the balls.

Over the last 3 years we worked hard to acquire Enterprise accounts, sold licenses as much as possible and worked our way up to Silver. We thought the next step, if we keep working hard, would be Gold.

But thanks for punishing us for not selling enough _new licenses in 2017/18 and degrading us to Ready. We are not sure we want to repeat the class.

Due to our hard work in the last 3 years, we today are in a position to serve “silver size” customers, typically the mid-market. With the degradation to Ready, we’ll now have leads from the low-market. That’s a downgrade to our company’s profile.

The Enterprise customers we acquired in last years are still paying license fees and will continue to renew, until we as their first-point-of-contact present them with alternatives.

We want to go from Silver to Gold. We want a progressive partner-model.

We want to take good care of existing customers which have trusted and invested in Enterprise, partly on our advise. They must be counted in our partner-performance, as long as they bring revenue to odoo.

We want to aggressively build the Enterprise customer base (our 90% already), but don’t want to be punished with degradations.

I hope the partner-model helps odoo + Partner to build a sustainable customer base, rather than spectacle a rat-race.

Ashant Chalasani

Simplify-ERP™ – Multichannel E-Business – Industriestrasse 24b, DE–70565 Stuttgart

Büro: +49–711–7947–2394 | Web: https://www.simplify-erp.com

Umsatzsteuer Ident Nr.: DE215101721, Amtsgericht Stuttgart: HRB 22736, Fa. Wapsol GmbH, Geschäftsführer Ashant Chalasani

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